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Welcome to Media Max, an equipment rental, crewing, and technical support company based in Dubai,


Whether you need a one or two-man camera crew, a gaffer with a grip truck or a large team for a commercial or multi-camera shoot, we have the right people and equipment to deliver the right results.


With corporate tie up with film industry suppliers, studios & professional & experienced crew, Media Max offers equipment rentals, professional crew and technical support in the UAE.


All equipment offered by Media Max is maintained at the highest level and only working with professional crews that are experts at all levels of production.   



I am an experienced Focus Puller | Camera Operator based in Dubai with almost 20 years of experience in the UAE. I have been part of hundreds of film & TV production projects and worked with many TV Channels & Production Houses in the UAE & GCC Countries. 

As focus puller, also known as first assistant camera or 1st AC, I am one of the key members of the camera department in film and television production. As the name implies, the main responsibility of the focus puller is to keep the camera lens in proper focus throughout filming. This is a highly skilled job, that requires concentration, precision, a keen eye for distances and which carries huge responsibility. It is generally known as one of the most difficult and stressful jobs on a film set.

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